Bad Animated Movies: CGB Review of Pup (2013)

So the dog character in this movie is described as a “sheepdog.”
Does this dog in the poster look remotely anything like a sheepdog to you?!
This is my review of Pup!


This garbage is the story of a lamb and a “sheepdog” who try to go to the moon while encountering a fashion designer wolf, Chinese spiders (I wish I was making that up) and other hijinks because…FLIPPIN’ POTATOES!  This autopilot script is so dull, so not-engaging that I had it playing on my laptop while I tidied my room.  Clearing off my desk was more entertaining than sitting through this flick.

The animation is awful.  They use the same curly design for the trees and sheep wool, the colors are bland and pasty, the animals range from mediocre to just plain ugly, and of course Kanuto the “sheepdog” looks nothing like a sheepdog!
Why does this get on my nerves?  Because THIS is a sheepdog:

My Old English sheepdog Sophie 11/10/99-5/11/15
My Old English sheepdog Sophie

I understand that the movie’s budget would make a pack of gum look expensive, but at the very least they could have tried to make Kanato resemble a sheepdog. Just slap some curly fur on his body, make him a Sheltie or a Polish lowland; do whatever you need to do.  There would be no problem if they just said “herding dog” or just “a dog.”  But if you label a dog character’s breed, then you’ve got to draw him/her that way.

Then again, no effort went into this horrid mess at all.  The voice acting is lifeless because every actor sounds like they’re either daydreaming or half-asleep…or both.  The jokes are dead on arrival, the “story” feels ad-libbed with no creativity, and the music…argh, the background music is just annoyingly ear-bleeding; there’s a scene where Kanuto is running to find Blackie and they have this bouncing sound effect accompaning his running.  I titled my head and said to myself, “Um, you do know he’s not hopping, right?” Then I remembered that the filmmakers didn’t care and I didn’t care, so I went back to organizing my bookshelf.

I’m just end this review with accurate pictures of the sheepdog family, which are more enjoyable to look at than this shizzy movie.

Belgian sheepdog
Belgian sheepdog
Polish lowland sheepdog
Polish lowland sheepdog
Shetland Sheepdogs (Sheltie)
Shetland Sheepdogs (Sheltie)

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