CGB Review of Bad Teacher (2011)

So this is gonna be a short review because it’s almost midnight and I’m tired.  However I can tell you right now that this movie isn’t getting a passing grade.

This is my review of Bad Teacher!

Behold, a stale comedy starring Cameron Diaz.
Behold, a stale comedy starring Cameron Diaz.

Okay, the misadventures of an obviously unqualified teacher is an interesting premise.  Cameron Diaz’s character Elizabeth is an amoral, self-serving teacher who thinks everyone is enamored with her; that is a creative arch that can be done well.

Unfortunately the writers of this movie were clearly not ready.  The script has a good set-up, but that’s where the creativity ends.  Cameron Diaz does what she can, but batting your eyelashes and sashaying down the halls isn’t character development.  I’m sure she’s very talented, but for a supposedly raunchy teacher, her performance becomes very constrained in the second half.  The same goes for the other actors; Phyllis from The Office only has to say lines awkwardly.  Justin Timberlake looks uncomfortable in his role half of the time.  Jason Seigal, you were in HIMYM; you can do better!

And then there’s Lucy Punch…argh!  I’m sure she’s a funny and talented woman, but holy cow, she is too annoying to put up with.  Obnoxious characters are supposed to annoying the other characters, NOT the audience.

I’m giving Bad Teacher, the stale and half-baked comedy, a D-.

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